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Heritage International School

Heritage School of the Arts is a private Christian school for grades 1 through 12 located in Toronto, Ontario. HSA is organized into the Elementary School (Grades 1-6), the Junior High School (Grades 7-8) and High School (Grades 9-12). We provide a strong academic curriculum as well as Arts programs in Visual Arts, Drama (Musical Theatre), Music (Band, Orchestra), Physical Education, and extra-curricular program. We also give an environment that is friendly and conducive to learning for individuals of all ages.


Experience Canada! Learn Everyday English!  
Professional Life Coaching + Spiritual Growth

1) Spiritual Growth:

     Learn to be the Leader of Next Generation  
     (Following the footsteps of Joseph)

2) Academic Achievement:

     Everyday English taught at Ontario Ministry of            Education registered private school

3) Life Coaching:

     Counselling and life coaching through observation      and analysis by a team of professional counsellors

4) Explore Canada:  (Optional)

     Eastern Canada Tour (Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec),      Niagara, Toronto Island, Wonderland, CN Tower,        ROM, Casa Loma, etc

6 weeks
camp includes U.S Eastern tour

March Break Camp

2017 English Camp (영어캠프)

Summer Camp

Program Overview
This program will develop speaking skills within each student. We will teach young students how to properly express themselves in front of an audience by researching and presenting about an important world issue.

What We Will Teach
The principles of public speaking as well as utilizing books as tools of research. Students will also be taught how to create a media piece for their presentation by using Bristol board and various colouring utensils.

How We Will Improve Speaking Skills
We will make students better speakers by focusing on what interests them. The goal is to have students present on a topic that is relevant and interesting to them. From there we will work on body language, speaking in clear coherent sentences, and projecting a strong intellectual tone.